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Dimension 36.3×22.8×10.6mm
Weight 4.8g (0.14 oz)
Input DC 4.8 to 6.0V
Output signal 1.5ms ± 0.5ms/0.7ms
Adjustment methods Manual/Neutral/Automatic.

Smart,Convenient and Hommization

  1. With Manual,Neutral and Automatic mode.
  2. Connecting the power directly will be 100% rudder mode,if pressing the button then connecting the power will be 140% rudder model.
  3. Change the speed by rotating potentiometer in automatic mode.
The Fly Dream Servo Tester (version 2.1) allows the user to test and exercise servos and set up a model without requiring the use of a transmitter and receiver.
The Servo Tester allows the user to control a servo directly, to determine its neutral position and to cycle it automatically for break-in and testing.
The Servo Tester offers small size, low power, high reliability and easy operation.
It is easy to use, practical and can test most parameters that interest users.
Controlled by an SCM, it has good stability and high accuracy.
The Servo Tester is adaptable to different power sources: it can use a four-cell dry battery, NiCd or NiMH pack; or it can be connected directly to a UBEC or ESC.
Product Specifications:
Input: DC 4.8 to 6.0V
Output signal: 1.5ms±0.5ms
Size: 16.5×32×0.98mm.
Weight: 3.8g (0.14 oz)
Adjustment methods: manual, neutral, automatic.
Connect the battery: the Servo Tester will go automatically into Manual mode.
To change mode, press the button: the Servo Tester will cycle through Manual, Neutral and Automatic modes, in that order.
In Manual mode the potentiometer controls the width of the pulse, from 1 ms to 2 ms.
In Neutral mode, the width of the output signal is a fixed at 1.5ms.
In Automatic mode, the width of output signal changes smoothly and continuously between 1ms and 2ms.
Note: For safety, please set the Servo Tester in Manual mode when testing the ESC.

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